Here you will find all the information you need concerning our rates. Contact us for information regarding group bookings or special events.
Basic camping rates
Day Rates: 
includes swimming, beach and lake, picnic area and playground from 9AM to 9PM
$3/ Person
2 Adults or 2 Adults with 2 Children up to 14 years old, $18
Lone Cabin and Twin Cabins:
$9 a bunk. (6 person minimum)
accomodates 10.
Chalet with loft bedroom:
$60/day, accommodates 4.
Lakeview Cabin:
Log cabin at the beach:
$100/day, accommodates over 50.
This cabin may not be used for sleeping
This is an enclosed gazebo suitable for approximately 50 people, equipped with electricity and woodstove.
Call for prices.
prices subject to change.
  • Firewood: 4$/bundle (usually lasts a night)
  • Showers and flush toilets (there are power outlets in the washrooms)
  • Drinking water from our well is available at the washrooms or at the cooking cabin.
  • Emergency telephone located at the pool



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