There is always something to do at Whispering Pines. Our most popular attractions are the pool and the beach, but you can also go for a game of Bocce or Horseshoe. We also have a trampoline and have just added a play structure for the little ones.
Sometimes just taking a stroll in our trails is all the entertainment you need!


   The Nation River crosses County rd. 9 at only 4 kilometers south of Whispering Pines. You can launch your boat at the big iron bridge or simply fish from the shore. The river is well populated with Walleye, Northern Pike, Catfish, Perch and more.

Bike Path

   The Prescott-Russell Recreation path crosses County rd. 9 at 4 kilometers north of Whispering Pines.


     The Nation Golf Club is located on 9 Mile rd. This is a 10 minute drive from Whispering Pines.


      The Papanack Zoo is on 9 Mile rd. at highway 17. This is a great place to bring the kids for a day.

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